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No Cost Lockdown Travel: Visit these UNESCO World Heritage Sites Without Leaving Home


Yes, the COVID-19 coronavirus has travel a standstill. But in this digital age there are ways to indulge your wanderlust without leaving your home. Thanks to UNESCO, we can visit many of the world’s most awe-inspiring official World Heritage Sites in living room comfort.

These tours are special is that they are designed in 360-degree viewing, as you move the cursor around, you actually enjoy the sensation of walking through the site.

Now, ready to travel, let’s get going:

Columns line the Patio de los Leones in the Alhambra, a 13th...
Columns line the Patio de los Leones in the Alhambra, a 13th Century Moorish palace

La Alhambra y el Generalife, Spain

The majesty and painstaking design of the Alhambra is heart-stopping. One of Spain’s most visited tourist attractions, the structure was built in the 13th and 14th Centuries and remains 1 of the most striking examples of Islamic architecture in the world.

Use the plus and minus symbols to move around the entire site to ensure you get outside of the Alhambra to take a “stroll” in its marvelous gardens.

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt 

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Who has not dreamed of seeing the amazing pyramids of Egypt?

It is 1 of the great wonders of the world, the site ranks high on most people’s bucket-list. Visit the outstanding Necropolis of Memphis, Great Pyramid of Khufu and what remains of the iconic Great Sphinx.

On your virtual walk you will practically have to swerve to avoid camels, street vendors and other tourists.

The main square of the Pompeii excavations, with very few...

Archaeological Areas of Pompeii, Italy

Few people do not know about the volcanic explosion of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD that decimated the city of Pompeii and buried most of its populace under feet of ash.

With this Street View tour, you will wander the eerie, excavated ruins of this once thriving metropolis that was the epicenter of life in Southern Italy.

Paris Versailles
Palace of Versailles on the outskirts of Paris

Palace and Park of Versailles, France

Mais oui!

See for yourself why the opulence of France’s monarchy was unmatched. An iconic image of excess, it will take your breath away, even when visited via your TV or computer screen.

Do not get stuck on the outside looking in, as you can go inside too by using Google Street View rather than Google Earth.

Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap province 

Temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This site is said to be the largest remaining religious structure in the world, from the 9th to the 15th Century the Hindu-Buddhist complex was the political and religious center of the Khmer.

You will navigate through hundreds of temples and buildings and become enthralled with this incredible architectural and spiritual achievement.

Nijo Castle.
Nijo Castle, Nijojo, Kyoto

Nijo-jo Castle, Kyoto, Japan

Do you smell the fragrant burst of cherry blossoms? OK, maybe expecting to take in the sweeping scents of Kyoto’s famous cherry blossoms is a stretch, but it is not too hard to plunge into ancient Japan with a meander along the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nijo-jo Castle. Built in Y 1603, it was where the country’s fierce Tokugawa shoguns, samurai warlords, resided for over 200 years.  

Enjoy traveling in the digital age.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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