NFL: Superbowl Ticket Price At $5400ish, Nutz!

NFL: Superbowl Ticket Price At $5400ish, Nutz!

NFL: Superbowl Ticket Price At $5400ish, Nutz!

About 600 tickets hit the market overnight, and inventory has now surpassed 2,000 tickets available for the 1st time.

The current average list price for the Super Bowl on is $5,452, which is 10% less than last year’s game at the same frame at $6,067.

There’s currently 2,100 tickets available in the market, which is 58% lower inventory than last year at the same time frame
The current average sale price is $4,450

The most expensive ticket currently listed is in Section 338 Row N for $21,740

Real-time data & market trends are always available here:

Of all the possible SuperBowl  Game outcomes, this is the lowest demand combination of teams, but given how little supply is in the market place, that may be the saving grace for fans looking to attend.

At these supply levels, a Cowboys, Steelers and Packers appearance could have shot the market to a $10-K average asking price.

Historically, supply increases about 100% from Championship Sunday to peak supply, and it will be interesting to see how this year compares.

As for the value of our data Vs. others in the market, 24/7 Wall Street is  the only company that aggregates over 90% of the market listed online, including the official NFL Ticket Exchange.

Stubhub lists about 531 tickets of today. The average sale price for today on TicketIQ is $4,289 per ticket sold.

Stay tuned…

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