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New Standards For Virtual Reality Have Been Set


The next-generation solution for enterprise-grade VR
Building on the design of the award-winning Vive Pro, the Vive Pro Eye was created with the needs of the professional user in mind. Benefits of Vive Pro Eye’s eye tracking functionality include:

  • Precision Eye Tracking: Create more expressive avatars for immersive virtual interactions in meeting and collaboration tools.
  • Dynamic Training Environments: Simulate real-life scenarios and provide users with intelligent performance feedback.
  • Deeper Data Analysis: Capture real-time user feedback through heatmapping and gaze tracking to gain insight into user behaviour and decision processes.
  • Intuitive User Experiences: Enable gaze-orientated menu navigation to remove the need for controllers and boost convenience of use in environments such as VR arcades or location-based entertainment.
  • Increased Efficiency and Quality: Experience the benefits of foveated rendering to focus GPU power on exactly where the user is looking to increase computing efficiency and image quality.

The Vive Pro Eye takes advantage of SteamVR™ 2.0 tracking technology to enable flexible demo spaces ranging from seated experiences to full 10m x 10m room-scale for multi-user environments. Delivering industry leading performance, the headset features dual-OLED displays with a combined resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels and improved headphone design.

“We’ve taken our go-to VR solution for businesses, the Vive Pro, and improved it further with integrated eye tracking. The Vive Pro Eye takes this technology one step further as the demands for enterprise-grade VR continue to grow and evolve,” said Dan O’Brien, GM, HTC Americas. “From more effective training to more insightful data analytics, it provides professional users with the tools to continue improving the way business use VR in an everyday capacity.”

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