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New Information About Benefits of Coffee, Coffee can Be Part of a Healthy Lifestyle



Coffee has been tied to many potential health benefits, but people should drink it for pleasure, not disease prevention.

That is the Key conclusion of a new study In it, researchers give an overview of the evidence on coffee and caffeine the subjects of many health studies over the years.

The impact of coffee consumption on health is important because there are few other dietary factors that so many people across the world are so frequently exposed to,” said Rob van Dam, the lead author on the review.

And overall,the news is good for coffee lovers, as caffeinated coffee does not appear to raise any disease risks, and is instead linked to lower odds of various diseases. And moderate doses of caffeine are generally safe for most people.

Moderate is the Key, as too much caffeine can disrupt sleep or make people jittery.

“The amount of caffeine that leads to unpleasant side effects varies greatly from person to person,” said Mr. van Dam, a professor at the National University of Singapore.

He suggested people pay attention to whether caffeine seems to affect their ability to fall asleep or lead to “agitation or anxiety.” If it does “they can adapt their level of intake or timing of intake during the day.”

That is the advice for most adults. Pregnant women, however, should be particularly careful about caffeine intake. Based on the evidence, Professor van Dam’s team said, they should limit themselves to no more than 200 milligrams of caffeine a day.

That’s roughly the amount in 12 oz of coffee.

For nonpregnant women Professor van Dam said that up to 5 8-oz cups of coffee a day may be fine, depending on a person’s caffeine tolerance.

In general, studies show that despite caffeine’s bad reputation as a stimulant, caffeinated coffee does not seem to raise the risk of developing high blood pressure or worsen existing blood pressure problems.

In fact, coffee consumption has been linked to lower risks of developing heart disease, as well as other serious conditions. The list includes type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease and gallstones, according to the review.

None of those studies prove that coffee or caffeine are responsible for the lower risks, and that people should not rely on coffee to prevent any diseases.

Coffee and caffeine can be part of a healthy lifestyle

There is a Question over whether filtered coffee is healthier than unfiltered. The latter includes espresso, boiled coffee and coffee made by the French press.

What you put into the coffee is what really matters, rather than whether it’s filtered or unfiltered. So, avoid loading your coffee cup with sugar and cream.

There are other sources of dietary caffeine, including tea, sodas and chocolate. For the most part, though, they contain low amounts.

The 2 exceptions, are energy drinks and “shots,” which can contain as much or more caffeine than a cup of coffee. High intake of those beverages can cause spikes in blood pressure and heart palpitations, according to the review.

Caffeine can also interact with certain medications. If people have questions about their medications they can talk to their pharmacist.

The review was published on 23 July in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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