New Data Reveals the Public Does Not Trust Government

New Data Reveals the Public Does Not Trust Government

New Data Reveals the Public Does Not Trust Government

Sunday, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde called for efforts to combat corruption in order to restore trust in institutions and push forward globalization.

“Coming on the heels of the financial crisis, this backlash against globalization has evolved into a deeper problem, a growing gap in trust in institutions,” said Ms. Lagarde at the International Bar Association Conference Sunday.

She cited a Y 2016 survey result from Edelman (a consulting firm) as saying that trust among the broader public in government institutions and the financial services industry was the lowest since Y 2008, while trust among the elites in all institutions is at an all-time high.

“A Key factor fueling this distrust is corrupt and unethical behavior, actual or perceived — and in both the public and private sector,” said Ms. Lagarde.

According to an IMF study, the annual cost of bribery alone is estimated at up to $2-T, roughly 2% of global GDP.

Ms. Lagarde said that corruption in the public sector weakens fiscal capacity, discourages investment, perpetuates inefficiency, and entrenches poverty and inequality.

She called on countries to strengthen the rule of law, increase fiscal transparency, and combat money laundering in order to rein in corruption in the public sector.

Ms. Lagarde also called for efforts to improve regulation and supervision, and strengthen ethics education in order to combat corruption in the private sector.

“Enhancing integrity in public and private sector governance is critical in mending the trust divide we see in societies today. Only then can we have enough confidence in the very institutions that are essential for sustained and inclusive growth,” she said.

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