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New C-19 Totals Not a Big Election Factor

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The numbers of C-19 coronavirus cases rising in Texas and Florida should not be a “big factor” in President Trump’s chances to defeat former Vice President Biden in the November election,

In terms of the politics of the situation, I do not think COVID is going to be a big factor in the election,” Dick Morris said Monday on TV. “I think that Biden has already made his case that Trump acted too late, and I think they basically dealt with that. I don’t think it is going to be a particularly important gauge in the election.”

A great deal depends on what the death rate will be with the recent outbreaks, Mr. Morris said.

You look at the charts right now, Florida’s soaring in new cases, but is absolutely slack in terms of deaths,” Mr. Morris said.

The death rates is very low because the majority of cases are in younger people who are “not particularly vulnerable” to the disease.

Of course they can spread it to people who are vulnerable, but that takes a while and by then hopefully we will have a vaccine,” he added.

The Trump Campaign will focus on the nationwide chaos that would happen if Mr. Biden were to be elected President and has to face the “mobs” led by people like congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and other “Marxists crazies” who want to take over power in the United States, Joe Biden is “too weak to stop them.”

They want to topple monuments, they want to topple our heritage, Washington, Lincoln, and Grant,” Mr. Morris added. “I think if people saw the Barbarians at the Gate, as it were, and Joe Biden is standing there between them and the Barbarians . . . the important point is to reflect that he is No bulwark against these crazies.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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