Never Cook These Foods on Your Outdoor Grill

Never Cook These Foods on Your Outdoor Grill

Never Cook These Foods on Your Outdoor Grill

It is Summer and the season for backyard grilling, there are some foods that should not put atop hot coals.

Below are a few favorites that are best not cooked on the outdoor grill, as follows:

Filet Mignon, Hamburgers, Salmon and Pizza are among them.

Filet Mignon

The Filet Mignon: “Filet is a lean cut, so it doesn’t get the same, nice caramelization over the grill as a more fatty cut like a ribeye, where the fat from the steak itself essentially fries the outside as it cooks over the grill’s flame. For that reason, I like to sear filet in a cast-iron pan so that I can get that nice browning reaction all around the steak. It adds more flavor to what it a pretty mild cut of meat. Also, because filet tends to be cut more thickly, it’s much easier to get an even rosé color throughout the steak by cooking it in the pan. The same is true for leaner cuts of meat in general,” says Craig Koketsu, Quality Meats, New York


Pizza: “Grilling pizza is just a bad idea. Home grills, as a rule, heat very unevenly. Also, because of outdoor elements, the minute the grill is opened, it loses heat. The best pizza doughs out there have very high hydration, meaning the doughs are very wet. To try and lay down a wet dough on a somewhat hot surface will most likely result in a very disappointing experience. If you reduce hydration and are able to roll out a decent piece of dough, you’re still going to have major issues removing the dough from the grill itself, especially after you add toppings. [If you use a pizza stone, you still face the issue of the toppings.] I just don’t think the grill can retain enough heat to cook the toppings as much as one would like. In the end, of course you can try to grill pizza. Whether it will be to your liking or not is another story,” says Michael Friedman, Chef.


Salmon: “I don’t understand why so many folks grill salmon. The best part is the fatty oils, which render out on a hot grill, leaving a dry, overcooked piece of fish that was once succulent and fragrant. Salmon needs low-and-slow heat to just cook the flesh.” says Edward Lee, Mind of a Chef.

I like to roast my salmon on a cedar plank, many other fish can be grilled successfully.


Burgers: “Burgers should be cooked on a hot flat top. Grilling them allows the fat that renders off the meat to be lost, instead of helping to create  the lovely caramelized crust on the outside of the burger, you can mark then on the grill for the out door look, use grass fed beef with at least 20% fat for the best taste,” says me.

Have a terrific weekend.

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