The Negative Mindsets of Struggling Entrepreneurs

The Negative Mindsets of Struggling Entrepreneurs

The Negative Mindsets of Struggling Entrepreneurs

The life of an entrepreneur is not easy, sleepless nights, constant stress and wearing many hats, all are normal stuff.

From the outside looking in, it might appear that it is. But ask the most successful entrepreneurs if it was easy, they will shake their head, smile and say not all is Sunshine and Flowers.

What I always say, it “it is not a trip to Paris on Concorde, and it might make a saint insane.”

The Big Q: How does one remain somewhat sane throughout the entrepreneurial journey?

The Big A: Be happy.

When you are happy and love what you do, happiness is nit far behind.

But rest assured there are things that will hold you back.

Below is a list of negative traits, that if you want to be a happy entrepreneur, you must put in the rear view mirror, as follows;

1. Seeking the approval of others: learn how to trust your gut and make decisions that impact your business on your own. It does not matter how amazing and achievable your ideas might be, there will always be those that oppose them if you ask for their approval.

We all naturally want to make everyone happy, especially when it comes family, but unless they are in the trenches with you and share the same vision, their input can only stress you out, leading you to making poor business decisions.

2. Pointing the blame at others: when Key elements do not come into alignment it’s easy to blame someone or something else. As an entrepreneur, you are ultimately responsible for everything that happens within your business. Even if an employee screws up, you are responsible. You made that hiring decision, so now you must fix it, knowing every thing can be fixed, so fix now.

3. Not believing in yourself: The Key trait that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is we believe in ourselves, and are 100% confident that we can win, at anything and everything.

If you come to doubt your abilities, such negative thoughts will dominate and defeat you. Confidence and positive thinking are powerful, they help reach the goal set forth.

4. Complaining and Scapegoating: Complaining never got anyone anywhere. It is a huge waste of time, and the longer you complain about something, the longer it will take you to find a solution to fix the problem.

Note: If you want a stress free career, entrepreneurship is not for you.

There are going to be many obstacles in the way that will stress you out and you will most likely get knocked down a few times, of course failure is very possible. Complaining and scapegoating interferes with goals and focus. Be tough, be ready for challenges.

5. Being scared of change. Change is a common occurrence as an entrepreneur. A change in company direction after a pivot, a change in location or even a change in industry. When you push that fear aside and embrace change, it opens the door to happiness. Do not be scared of change.

6. Expecting to win 100% of the time. All top players are confident in their abilities, they understand that they are not going to hit a home run ever time up at bat.

Confidence is important, but it needs reality mixed in. If you expect to win every time, that 1st loss will be very painful and a motivation killer.

7. Giving up. Most people quit after a few failures, you cannot quit, you have to be relentless. Giving up is not in the entrepreneur’s lexicon.

So, nose down, tail up and head into the Wind.

8. Trying to impress: Do not do it. Many people try to impress publishing pictures of cars, watches, homes, vacations. The majority all you see on social media is fabricated background, and used to lure other people in.

So, instead of worrying about impressing people, focus all of your energy on these 3 things, as follows:

  1. your business
  2. your health, and
  3. your family.

That is a formula for happiness.

Have a terrific weekend.

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