NATO Must Focus on ISIS

NATO Must Focus on ISIS

NATO Must Focus on ISIS

According to former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp who once commanded UK forces in Afghanistan, NATO must direct efforts towrds Islamic Extremism, he shared his ideas for bringing NATO up to date in a Telegraph comment piece co-authored by Rafael Bardají, a former security advisor to the Spanish government.

The pair – whose joint article bio indicates they are both senior figures in the Friends of Israel Initiative – argues that US President Donald Trump is right to say the alliance is no longer fit for purpose.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) ideology is centrally concerned with a final apocalyptic battle between good and evil, which they are convinced will take place around the Syrian town of Dabiq in northern Syria.

“We are all under attack by Islamist extremist forces of all kinds,” they said. “NATO must make the fight against Islamic terrorism its core mission.”

This means that NATO must also expand its membership to include nations like “Israel, Japan, Singapore and India.”

“In order to reinforce our Western world, NATO must invite to become members countries that are alike in the defense of our values and with the willingness to share the burden in this civilizational struggle,” they said.

Addressing Trump directly, they said: “We believe you can make it relevant again. Your allies will follow.”

Whatever the future role of NATO, the alliance may find itself handicapped by a lack of funding and support.

Britain, one of just five NATO member states which pledge to spend two percent of their GDP on defense, has apparently failed to do so.

Britain’s 1.98 percent spending was revealed in a report by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) on Tuesday.

The UK government quickly denied this was the case, telling Sky News the figures were simply wrong.

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