My 2 Favorite US Long Weekend Road Trips

My 2 Favorite US Long Weekend Road Trips

Long weekends can be used for so much more than vegging out and marathon TV.

A long weekend is the perfect time to go on an adventure.

Taking a road trip is a great way to get to know the place where you live, and see sights you may not have ever seen.

Here are 2 of my favorite US long-weekend road trips.

California: San Luis Obispo to Monterey


California is a beautiful state, but a drive along the Pacific Coast Highway is a great way to see even more of it.

This section of California’s Route 1 takes you to Big Sur and is packed with breathtaking seaside views.

This drive takes you away from the city and into nature, as you take in mountain landscapes, sea views and ocean air.

According to California’s tourism website, you can also make a stop at the famous Hearst Castle in the City of San Simeon. This Spanish cathedral is right in the middle of the open ranch land of Southern California, allowing you to feel like an explorer making a major discovery when you come upon it.

New York: NYC to The Catskill Mountains


Many New Yorkers love the bright lights and bustling crowds of the Big Apple, there are some who just want to get away and get back in touch with nature.

Luckily for them, nature is just an hour or so away.

The Catskill Mountains offer beautiful views and the road there, take Taconic Parkway or the Palisades Parkway for the most scenic roads, is packed with outlet malls, restaurants and historical sites. 

The Mohonk Mountain House spa resort in New Paltz comes highly recommended as either a quick or an overnight stop, as it combines luxury with woodsiness for a great place to rest along the way.

Have a super time On the Road!

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