There Are Radical Muslims That Intend to Take Over the US, UK, Europe and Australia

There Are Radical Muslims That Intend to Take Over the US, UK, Europe and Australia

There Are Muslims That Intend to Take Over the US, US, Europe and Australia

US President Trump is correct in that there are 2 distinct types of Muslim immigrants, and the government now has the proof.

This article is being written in Cincinnati, Ohio, where the the hottest topic in the news, as it is in the media all across the USA, is President Trump’s executive order of 3 weeks ago, banning immigration to the USA from 7 Islamic countries which he claims are terror-ridden.

The countries on the list are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

This order is in line with the vow President Trump made to his voters during the election campaign, a vow made in answer to the growing fears Americans have regarding Muslim immigration.

The source of the fears is a combination of 4 factors, as follows:

1. The extreme violence characterizing those countries, their spawning of terrorist organizations and the large number of refugees attempting to leave them for other countries.

2. The terrorist attacks perpetrated on American soil by Muslims: 9/11, Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon bombers, Times Square and others.

3. Awareness of the negative effects this immigration has in Europe: large numbers of immigrant families living on welfare, violence, crime, sexual harassment, urban terror (Paris, Toulouse, Brussels and more) and successful recruitment to ISIS.

4. Statements by Muslims to the effect that they intend to take over America and turn it into an Islamist state.

The first 3 factors seem rational, but the 4th seems to be unfounded and hysterical on it surface.

The truth is that most of the Muslims arriving in the USA are fleeing fractured countries, endless wars, violence, persecution, unemployment and neglect in order to begin a new life in a stable, secure and democratic environment in which they are able to support themselves, put a roof over their heads, obtain medical care, education and social welfare benefits. They generally blend in socially and economically and their children speak English without foreign accents and see themselves as entirely American. They pose no problem.

The problem lies with those Muslims who do not want to blend into American society because they see it as materialistic, permissive and degenerate and fear their children will be drawn into the society surrounding them.The organization that expresses this most vociferously is the Muslim Brotherhood, and many of the Muslims living in the USA identify with that organization’s goals and objectives, revealed to American investigative authorities during the 2007 US v. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development lawsuit, in which the foundation was found to be collecting funds to support Hamas activists.

During the investigation, a document written in Arabic with the title “Explanatory Document of Strategic Goals for the North American Group” was confiscated. It was written on May 22, 1991, a quarter of a century before it reached the hands of the US government, and it is safe to assume they knew nothing about it before the investigation.

Here are some of the most salient points in the document (with my additions in parentheses, M.K.)

Preface: The strategic goal of the group is described in several steps, as follows;

“1. To establish a stable and effective Islamic movement to be led by the Muslim Brotherhood

2. To adopt the interests of Muslims in the US and the rest of the world

3. To increase the organization’s base of Muslims who adhere to the Koran and its commandments

4. To unify and direct Muslim efforts

5. To present Islam as an alternative to the prevailing culture

6. To support the establishment of the Global Islamic state worldwide

We must “inculcate” or “strengthen” Islam and the organization in this part of the world…in order to explain the strategic goals – all six of them, as mentioned above – of the movement in North America (the USA and Canada).

The inculcation process: In order for Islam and the Movement to become a deep-rooted, permanent part of the homeland in which they now live, entering the hearts and souls of the people, based on organizations that reflect its structure…the movement must plan and struggle to find the key to the process that will advance “cultural Jihad,” the responsibility of all Muslims and headed by the Muslim Brotherhood in that country. Some of the key factors lie in…4. Understanding the duty of a Muslim Brother in North America: the process of inculcation is a “process of cultural Jihad” with all the implications of the word. The Brothers must understand that their work is a form of greater Jihad whose goal is to destroy and eliminate western civilization from within by having her miserable home shaken by the very hands of her people and those of believers (see Koran, Chap. 59, verse 2) And Allah will force the rule of his religion on all the other religions (see Chap. 9, verse 33)… every Muslim must do Jihad…and act anywhere he is and in any place he reaches until Judgment Day. There is no escaping this lot.

7. The self persuasion that Islam’s inculcation succeeds in accomplishing in this country is the success of the World Muslim Brotherhood and tangible support for the Islamic World State that we hope for..”

At one point in the document there is a list of about 30 organizations established by the Muslim Brotherhood in order to carry out their plan to gain control of America from the inside, including financial, charitable and student organizations.

It doesn’t stop there. Another document that was found in American mosques is a book called “Four Hadiths (oral traditions) on Jihad. This book describes Jihad, in Hebrew and English, its positive aspects, its goals and the rewards that Jihad fighters are to receive. Jihad against whom? The book does not explicitly say so, but it is clear as day to any Muslim: Against the unbelievers, a category that includes the American people.

Another booklet found in several mosques bore the title: “What should you do if you are caught by the fascist, racist, criminal police or by the fascist, racist, criminal FBI?” In this book the author suggests that the reader learn methods that will enable him to withstand investigations without revealing secrets connected to his being a Muslim and his actions against the US government.

These are just a few examples taken from a long list of Islamist publications that appear in the USA, taking advantage of the protection of free speech and expression that the American Constitution grants every man, even if he plans to destroy the rule of that very Constitution and replace it with Islamic rule.

President Trump made the decision to put an end to this untenable phenomenon, not by limiting free speech but by limiting the ability of Muslims to inculcate the United States. Liberals, Progressives, Democrats and human rights activists have united to oppose him, refusing to accept the election results, and refusing to stop demonstrating against him, vilifying him, and putting spokes in the wheels of the elected government. They have increased their protests since his entrance to the White House, and are perfectly willing to cause harm to America and its government if they can bring about his comedown. There have been much-publicized protests of non-Muslims, including Jews, who carried signs saying “I am a Muslim.”

Trumps opponents have enlisted local legal entities and international figures, including the Pope and the UN Secretary General, but it looks as though he has no intention of giving in. And if the courts freeze or annul his executive order to control Muslim immigration, he still has enough power and means to limit their arrival to the USA significantly.

The public controversy in the USA can be heard in the streets, restaurants and even within family units. It seems to me that it has been a very long time since any issue caused such loud-voiced and serious argument within the American public, one that will not die down in the near future. It joins other factors evident in Trump’s attitude towards the Islamic world: his opinion of the Iran Nuclear Deal, his relations with Israel, the issues of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the “settlements,” and his relations with Putin who is mercilessly destroying Syrian cities.

It appears to me that the current American government’s attitude towards the Islamic world in general and to Muslim immigration in particular will keep Trump occupied for most of his term in the White House, and from these pages I want to wish that he and the United States are granted the wisdom and understanding to keep America united and to safeguard her goals and destiny.

By Dr. Mordechai Kedar, INN

Paul Ebeling, Editor

Editors Note: Written for Arutz Sheva, translated by Rochel Sylvetsky, Op-ed and Judaism Editor

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