Mueller’s Leaking, Americans Want to Know What He is Really Doing

Mueller’s Leaking, Americans Want to Know What He is Really Doing

Mueller’s Leaking, Americans Want to Know What He is Really Doing

Given the most recent leaks flowing from Robert Mueller’s investigation, it’s time to call a “timeout” on the special counsel’s Russia investigation and give Americans an update, Michael Goodwin wrote in a column for the New York Post.

Last week, the leak came that President Donald Trump was not the target of a criminal investigation, but then new leaks surfaced saying that the President was in “imminent danger.”

Which one is it?

“The violent swings of the leaky pendulum make this an excellent moment to call timeout on the Mueller probe. What does he have, where is he going and when is he going to get there?” Mr. Goodwin asks.

“Those are basic questions that need to be answered. The American people deserve facts instead of waters muddied by partisanship, innuendo and special access to biased big-media companies,” Mr. Goodwin writes.

“Given the stakes, the public has a right to know at this point what it all adds up to. If Mueller won’t speak for himself, his handler, Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who created Robert Mueller, should speak for him,” Mr. Goodwin writes.

“The endless leaks are the final straw.”

The American people are not responsible for them but the leakers are most assuredly responsible to the American people.

“The Mueller probe is the most important investigation in a generation and is casting a cloud over a Presidency,” Goodwin writes. “If this were a probe involving a 3rd-level bureaucrat, assassination-by-leak would be distasteful but not as meaningful.

“But this is the Presidency, and even Trump haters should be appalled at the shoddy process,” Goodwin writes.

Stay tuned…


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