Mueller Hammered for Trying to Cobble Together Impeachment Case on Tweets

Mueller Hammered for Trying to Cobble Together Impeachment Case on Tweets

Mueller Hammered for Trying to Cobble Together Impeachment Case on Tweets

Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz hammered special counsel Robert Mueller’s team for trying to “stitch together an impeachment case on public Tweets.”

“People don’t obstruct justice in public,” Professor Dershowitz said in a TV inerview when asked why an obstruction case against President Donald Trump should raise a Red flag.

“If you are going to obstruct justice you are going to do it in private. The idea that the special counsel is trying to put together a case based on tweets, public statements, presidential statements, presidential actions. … That is so dangerous against civil liberties. Every civil libertarian should be outraged that this special counsel is trying to cobble together a case against President Trump based on his Tweets.”

On the travel ban implemented by The Trump Administration, Professor Dershowitz said the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision was constitutionally right and that the majority of the justices said “what the President said about the travel ban is not as important as what is important in the travel ban.”

“You have to look at the words of the travel ban,” he added.

Professor Dershowitz also called for the forensic analysis of the tape CNN aired Wednesday night between President Trump and former lawyer Michael Cohen where the 2 discuss purchasing the story of a Playboy model who alleged to have had an affair with President Trump 10 years or so ago.

“We must stretch the words to find out what the President said, what the context was and most importantly why it ended at a particular point. Was that a decision by Mr. Cohen to end it there? Was it erased because he said things that were exculpatory? The tape does not contain any evidence of crimes. I do know that.”

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