Mr. Hussein Obama Warns Dems About Costs of Proposals

Mr. Hussein Obama Warns Dems About Costs of Proposals

Former President Barack Hussein Obama cautioned congressional freshmen Democrats to look at the costs of their wide-ranging liberal legislative proposals and figure out how to pay for them.

Speaking to a group of freshman House Democrats Monday evening, Mr Hussein Obama did not mention specific proposals, while encouraging them to pursue “bold” ideas.

He said we should not be afraid of big, bold ideas, but also need to think in the nitty-gritty about how those big, bold ideas will work and how you pay for them.”

The W-P reported that some in those hearing Mr. Hussein Obama’s words believed he was sounding a cautionary note about Medicare-for-all and the Green New Deal, 2 ideas being pushed by some of the lawmakers, including Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) aka AOC.

Those who attended the gathering told the paper that Mr. Hussein Obama’s comments on costs were not made as a scolding. They said he stressed voters care about costs and Democrats should be prepared to explain them.

The paper noted Mr. Hussein Obama has avoided the spotlight since he left office. And those who heard his remarks said he made few if any concerning President Trump or the completed investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

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