Most Americans Believe Religion Is Important

Most Americans Believe Religion Is Important

With the Christmas season here, most Americans say religion is an important part of their lives, but some do not think religion can solve all their problems, according to a Gallup poll taken between 3-12 December and released Christmas Eve.

Among 1,025 American adults:

  • 72% said religion is important;
  • 51%, very important;
  • 62% of Christians said religion is very important;
  • 46%  said religion does not solve all problems.

The Poll also found:

  • Among those who attend church every week, 81% say religion answers most problems, compared with 58% who attend nearly weekly or monthly and 27% who attend less often than that;
  • 63% of Protestants say religion can answer most problems.;
  • 46% of Catholics say it answers most problems;
  • 73% of people who don’t identify with a religion say it is out of date and old-fashioned.

Gallup said the poll shows the long-term decline in the importance of religion in people’s lives, noting a Y 1952 poll showing 75% saying religion is very important and 20% saying it is fairly important.

The percentages remained about the same in Y 1965, but by Y 1978 dropped to 52% very important and 32% fairly important.

Since then, the numbers have only been higher than 61% of people saying religion was very important 2X: 64% in Y 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and 65% 1 year later.

In July a poll found that 61% of Black millennials say religion is very important to them. Only 38% of other millennials share this view.

The same pattern holds on other faith-related questions.

For example, among Black millennials, 75% are absolutely certain that God exists. For other millennials, that number is 48%.

At the same time, older Black Americans have a stronger commitment to religion than Black millennials. Among older Black Americans, 81% say religion is very important to them and 86% are absolutely certain God exists.

Have a Happy Christmas!

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