Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks

$DIA, $DAX, $DJSH, $N300, $NSEI

Commentary: Almost all major stock indices look Bullish in here. PE

DJIA at 21384.28, +0.11% has been moving slow but looks Bullish in here, and may see it rise towards 21600 near term.

DAX at 12752.73, +0.48% has been trading within the broad range of 12900-12600 for the past few sessions and will have to break North or South in here to give us clarity on its direction, while 12690 holds, could see a rise to 12900 this week.

Shanghai at 3135.79, +0.40% may test support near 3120 which, if it holds, could then drive it higher towards 3160-3175 this week or next.

Nikkei at 20062.19, +0.60% trades higher and looks Bullish towards 20200-20240 near term.

Nifty at 9588.05, +0.10% has a good chances to bounce back above 9600 within the next 3 sessions. Support near 9550 should hold, and not break on the Southside now. That said, we could see another leg of a sharp rally near to medium term.

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