Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks

$DIA, $DAX, $DJSH, $N300, $NSEI

Commentary: Major resistances are seen above current marks on the Nifty, Nikkei and DAX. Shanghai is trading at major support, and could break down or bounce up. DIA has room and looks Bullish in here. PE

DJIA at 25316.53, +0.30% finished above 25250 Friday, it could move up targeting 25750. Near term looks Bullish to me.

DAX at 12766.55, -0.35% seeing 1st resistances 12900 and 13100. Overall, see some range trade within 13100-12400 near term. After, DAX could come off from 12900 or test 13100 then a correction from there.

Nikkei at 22767.18, +0.32% trades just below the important resistance. While it trades below 22800 there is a chance of a move due South to 22400-22200.

Shanghai at 3052.86, -0.47%, and while support holds, is will be ranged within 3100-3050. A clear break below 3050 turn it Bearish medium to long term opening chances of fall towards 2900 or even lower. Pay attention here.

Nifty at 10767.65, -0.0065% sees major resistance at 10850 while it holds, Nifty is likely to come off to 10650. A clear break on either side of 10850-10600 tells us it direction.

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