Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks


Commentary: The FOMC kept rates unchanged. News states that the introduction of the word “symmetric” in the statement to define the inflation goals could be taken in a way to understand that the Fed would let inflation overshoot its target, and? PE

DJIA at 23924.98, -0.72%, came off 174 pts, but closed above 23750. While that holds DIA is likely to remain ranged within 23500-23250 near term.

DAX at 12802.25, +1.51% broke out above 12700, and while EUR weakens, DAX could mark fresh highs in this rally targeting 13200.

Nikkei at 22472.78, -0.16% is down.

Note: 1st resistance is at 22600, while that holds, see 22200 or lower  near term. Outlook is Bearish in here as I see it.

Shanghai at 3064.44, -0.54% is ranged within 3150-3050 for this week. A break on either side is needed to see which way it will go, North or South.

Nifty at 10718.05, -0.20% should stay stable in here, with the upside capped at 10800. Trade within 10600-10800 range is likely into next week.

Sensex at 35176.42, +0.046% could run to 36000, not much overhead resistance there.

Stay tuned..

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