Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks


Commentary: Nothing New. PE

DJIA at 23516.26, +0.35% moving up and the 3-day line showing a possibility of a rise to 24000 maybe in this month. Near to medium term looks strongly Bullish to me.

DAX at 13440.93, -0.18% is testing resistance on the 3-day candle, but at the same time has more room on the Norhtside towards 13600-13700 on the lines. Either a rejection from current marks is possible with resumption of the upward rally later on or DAX may continue to rise next week. While other global indices are rising the DAX will leiely move up too.

Nikkei at 22539.12, +0.53% is set to test 22666 Monday. A clear break above 22666 would trigger more Northside in here. Careful above current marks.

Shanghai at 3372.59, +0.32% has support at 3360 and could bounce back to 3400 next week. Near term looks Bullish to me

Nifty at 10423.80, -0.16% dipped Thursday, while it trades above 10400, a rise towards 10500-10600 is possible.

Have a terrific weekend

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