More Trump History May Be in the Making

More Trump History May Be in the Making

President Donald Trump may make history once again, as he is on track to become the 1st US President to be impeached for being too successful doing all the right things.

Yesterday’s House vote, along party lines, is setting in motion a plan to impeach the President because his record is so strong the Democrats cannot beat him at the ballot box.

Unable to deal with the President’s A+ performance managing the country, the Democrats have launched another “allegation in search of a crime” probe.

Speaker Pelosi’s House appears to have committed to an impeachment, before they even discover the evidence.

The House Intelligence Committee hearings have been shrouded in secrecy, citing “classified” material. Yet day after day the Democrats have been selectively feeding the press portions of transcripts almost always pejorative to the President.

Any reasonable person has to conclude this is a political inquisition against Trump, meant to either stop or damage him before the Y 2020 election.

The truth in the Ukrainian matter is not clearly known, and I full support the idea that the House and Senate should review the matter.

But they should draw conclusions at the end of their investigations, not at the beginning.

So far, witnesses have testified that The Trump Administration pressured the Ukrainian government to open investigations into hacking efforts during the Y 2016 election and The Bidens.

No one I have seen has testified such efforts were illegal, no crimes.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a Top NSC aide, reportedly told the Committee he thought the President’s actions were “not proper.” Meaning suitable and/or appropriate, how is a light colonel in the army the judge?

Fair enough. But many actions Presidents take are not proper. Not all are impeached.

In fact, President Trump’s involvement here pales in comparison to what other Presidents have done.

For example, during President Reagan’s second term, he secretly ordered the Us military to sell arms to the Iranian government, violating an embargo.

His senior aides then took at least $10-M in profits from those sales and funneled those monies to the Nicaraguan Contras who were fighting the communist Sandinista government.

This directly violated Congressional law, the Boland Amendment, prohibiting such funding.

The scandal, known as Iran-Contra, led to Reagan taking to the air waves to admit he had not been truthful with the public and accepting responsibility for his aides who, in some cases, acted without his knowledge.

President Trump’s involvement in the Ukrainian matter looks like small potatoes compared to Iran Contra, where laws were clearly broken.

More and more the public is getting the sense the Democrats are abusing their Congressional powers against the President.

The AP Poll out today shows that only 33% of Americans believe the impeachment should be a high top priority for the House.

Congressional oversight is good, but it should not be used to interfere with elections. That’s “not proper” either.

By Christopher Ruddy

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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