More on the Goodness of Organic Real Foods

More on the Goodness of Organic Real Foods

More on the Goodness of Organic Real Foods

Yes, Organic foods taste really good, and that is because organically grown produce that is not adulterated with hormones and chemical pesticides have the good green fresh taste that nature intended.

Most people are amazed to experience what food really tastes like when they switch to Organic. As good as Organic foods are for our bodies, they are even better for our planet.

The Big Q: Why?

The Big A:

  1. Organic farming techniques preserve water resources and protect and respect wildlife.
  2. Organic farming helps to maintain biodiversity.
  3. Organic farmers collect and preserve seeds, and continue to grow many unusual varieties not grown by traditional farms, while at the same time, modern industrial agriculture has led to the obliteration of many species of foods and grains.
  4. Organic farming practices, on the other hand, build long-term soil health and stability.

The monolithic chemical intensive techniques of conventional agriculture have led to the worst soil erosion in modern history. More than 3-B tons of topsoil are eroded from US croplands each year according to estimates by The Soil Conservation Service. Organic farming practices, on the other hand, build long-term soil health and stability.

According to the Organic Trade Organization, Organic Farming is saving rural communities and the family farm. The USDA recently reported that more than 50% of the nation’s food is grown by only 2% of its farms.

Organic farmers give a chance for small farms to get a fair price in a new and rapidly growing market.

According to the Nutrition Business Journal, consumers purchase over $6-B annually worth of Organic products, from staples like milk, eggs, and lettuce to snacks such as cookies and tortilla chips.

And that number is rising dramatically in both natural foods stores and conventional supermarkets at a rate of 20% or more every year since Y 2000.

A published study in the Journal of Applied Nutrition found conclusively that organically grown foods have a higher percentage of vital minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients than conventionally grown produce.  The study found that organically grown  food is 73% higher in iron, 63% higher in calcium, and 118%  higher in magnesium.

If you have read some of our other articles about healthy eating and Superfoods, then you are familiar with flavonoids and antioxidants.

Flavonoids are produced by plants to help them ward off disease and survive in harsh environments. It is also these flavonoids that give most of the Superfoods their anti-cancer and disease-fighting abilities. Studies have shown that the chemicals found in most pesticides inhibit the plant’s production of flavonoids. Organically grown berries, for example, are 30% higher in antioxidants than their conventional counterparts.

If you want to have total control over your Organic produce and reduce the cost of your Organic food bill, you may consider Organic gardening as part of your Organic lifestyle.

Going Organic means more than just food.

If you are truly concerned about the health of your loved ones and the planet they live on, you can adopt an “Organic lifestyle.”

That means not only eating Organic foods but also wearing clothing made from Organic cotton or other naturally grown fibers.  Skin especially that of babies and children is particularly susceptible to toxic chemicals. Beds, bed clothes and towels are available made from Organic fibers.

Household products are another area to go Organic.

There are Organic laundry detergents and cleaning products, and Organic cosmetics and health and beauty aids. Remember, each Organic industry you patronize means that much less environmental damage is done to the planet.

The Big Q2: Do Organic products cost more?

The Big A2: Yes, but prudent shoppers can save money on any consumer goods, and Organic products, especially Organic foods are no exception.

With the popularity of Organic foods expanding, prices are becoming far more competitive.

If you are on a very tight budget, shop around for bargains.

Consider buying some Organic products online, and certainly, consider buying Organic produce locally. Almost every community in the US now has a local organization of Organic farms that hold farmers markets, and generally do not mark up the price on par with supermarkets. The food is not only Organic it is very fresh since it has not had to travel, and you will also be doing your share to support your local economy.

Remember, your mom was right when she said to eat your vegetables. The surest way to stay healthy and live longer is to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, make them Organic, and help out Mother Earth too.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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