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Monte-Carlo, Monaco

MC is the 2nd-smallest country in the world, the city-state was associated with glamor when Grace Kelly added “Princess” to her name and James Bond tried his luck at the Casino, the last 50 yrs has added to its luxury reputation.

You will not leave as a Prince or Princess, but you will be treated royally during your stay. 
Did you Know: Citizens of Monaco, known as Monégasque, are not allowed to gamble at the city’s Casinos, foreigners only have that privilege. 

MonacoN 43.73° / E 7.42° 

Late Spring on the Mediterranean it hosts the F1 Grand Prix.

This is the time the city gears up for the Monaco Grand Prix, perhaps the most prestigious events of its kind.

At the end of May, visitors pour in, you must book early to stay ahead of the crowd. 
Succulents and Skeleton

You have been to botanical gardens before, but have you ever been to one on a cliffside overlooking the Med? 

Jardin Exotique de Monaco is full of succulents from around the world, some of which were brought back from Mexico in the 1860’s.

If you still are not impressed there is cave you can tour that bears traces of our prehistoric ancestors.

Oceanographic Museum, A World Below the Surface

This city by the sea offers ample opportunity to get up close and personal with fascinating marine life. You can do that and more at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, which boasts more than 6,000 specimens: everything from stonefish and sea horses to moray eels and jellyfish.

There is a cabinet of marine-world curiosities, the largest of its kind in the world, filled with fossils and diving gear.

Bonus: it’s built on the side of the iconic Rock of Monaco, whose seaside views make it the ideal setting for such an experience.

No trip to Monaco is complete without a visit to Monte Carlo Casino, which 1st opened in Y 1863 and is still as vibrant as ever, 

Larvotto Beach

Monaco’s coastline is most beautiful on this man-made beach, where you can swim in stunning, clear water.

Or charter a boat or yacht for the day.

Known for being the land of the richest, Monaco is more than that, experience the soul and history of this country.

Walk around the castle area, witness the ‘changing of the guard‘, and enjoy some of the best views of Monaco. It is breathtaking have a look!

Enjoy your travels

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