Mindfulness, the Path to Greater Success

Mindfulness, the Path to Greater Success

Mindfulness, the Path to Greater Success

  • Concentration Becomes Power, Power Becomes Success

Mindfulness is practiced by being mindful of whatever we do. It is the basic practice of creating a focused awareness in the Now.

Most people are preoccupied with memories of the past, existing in a dream-like a state where we are not connected to the world around us, it is difficult to stay centered during challenging days.

The 4 things I discuss below are what mindful people do daily, as follows:

  1. They know when not to check their smartphones: Millennials nowadays are getting more addicted to technology and the statistics reveal that Millennials check their phone 150X/day. And are many are distracted by it. Mindful people have set a right approach towards specific parameters. They set a proper time for checking e-Mail, for checking their phone or for every time they go on vacation. Being too much tech-addicted usually keep people from truly connecting with others and destroys one’s focus. Mindful interaction comes with giving full attention to what we are doing or to whom we are talking to.
  2. They are lost in the flow of doing things they love: Mindful people living successfully are usually doing the things that they often lose themselves when doing the same. They lose their smaller self into pouring all of their love into the Now. This helps to drive more happiness and success.
  3. They meditate daily: Engaging in meditation has huge benefits and increases  levels of energy, inspiration and inner peace. This is generally practiced by people to bring a positive impact in their life. Even 10 mins a day can strengthen mindfulness muscles and you will be present throughout the day. It is 1 of the ways to improve productivity in life, for greater work-life balance and to stay relaxed. Learn to meditate.
  4. They feel what they are feeling: Lots of people fail to understand what they are feeling and relate their emotions. Mindfulness is about acceptance of the moment and feeling whatever we feel without trying to control feelings. Mindful people do not try to avoid their negative emotions instead they look forward on the bright side of any situation.

It is clear then that at the time you are practicing mindfulness you stop thinking. It is the silence that heals us, increasing our concentration. When mindfulness becomes powerful, concentration becomes powerful, and you garner the power to achieve insight.

I learned these things 20 yrs ago, I practice them daily…

Breathe, forgive, help make peace…

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