Mike Pence, “Let’s Focus on Our Enemy, ISIS is Our Enemy”

Mike Pence, “Let’s Focus on Our Enemy, ISIS is Our Enemy”

Mike Pence, “Let’s Focus on Our Enemy, ISIS is Our Enemy”

A Donald Trump-Mike Pence administration will “support military action to crush ISIS,” the Indiana Governor said Friday after the Donald Trump announced him as his running mate.

“We have got to exercise the full strength of the United States of America,” Gov. Pence said in a TV interview. “Diplomatically and militarily.

“This is a military enemy,” he said of the Islamic State (IS). “What happened in Orlando, what just happened in Nice,these are terrorist attacks that are inspired by a military organization.

“We have to recognize that we are in a struggle.”

In his 1st major interview since Donald Trump’s announcement on Twitter, ending weeks of speculation on who would get the VP slot.

Gov. Pence said that “we have to recognize and speak plainly about the impact and the influence of radical Islam.

“But let’s focus on the enemy. The enemy is ISIS. We know where they are.

“It’s a metastasized version of Islam that is radical Islam that’s being used as a justification for simply a power grab in the region,” the governor said. “That is what this Caliphate is.”

Gov. Pence also said that he agreed with Donald Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Syrian refugees and for building a wall on the US border with Mexico to stop illegal immigration, and that Mexico is “absolutely” going to pay for the wall.

“We just need to be smarter and think harder about individuals who may be coming here, not just rejecting our political ideals but with the intent to do harm,” he said. “As Donald Trump said: ‘We have just got to find out what is going on, and we have got to approach this differently and boldly.

“That’s quite a contrast from Hillary Clinton, who wants a 550% increase in the Syrian refugee program alone.”

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