Michael McFaul Clinton Obama Bag Man

Michael McFaul Clinton Obama Bag Man

Michael McFaul is The Next Clinton Obama Scandal the Media Will Hide

Russian prosecutors have named the former US ambassador in Moscow as a person of interest in an investigation – and Michael McFaul appears to be quite unnerved. He seems to think Russian President Vladimir Putin is after him. The evidence seems to point to Michael McFaul  being the bag-man in Moscow for Clinton and Obama rather than just a Government employee.

“Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!” President Donald Trump.

The Times detailed how the Clinton Foundation had received millions in donations from investors in Uranium One.

The donations from those with ties to Uranium One weren’t publicly disclosed by the Clinton Foundation, even though Hillary Clinton had an agreement with the White House that the foundation would disclose all contributors. Days after the Times story, the foundation acknowledged that it “made mistakes,” saying it had disclosed donations from a Canadian charity, for instance, but not the donors to that charity who were associated with the uranium company.

The Times also wrote that Bill Clinton spoke at a conference in Moscow on June 29, 2010 — which was after the Rosatom-Uranium One merger was announced in June 2010, but before it was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States in October 2010. The Russian-based Renaissance Capital Group organized the conference and paid Clinton $500,000.

And there is more, President Vladimir Putin used his press conference with President Donald Trump  to drop a bombshell

“For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder in this particular case. Business associates of Mr. Browder have earned over one and a half billion dollars in Russia. They never paid any taxes, neither in Russian army in the United States and yet the money escaped the country, they were transferred to the United States.

“They sent huge amount of money—$400 million—as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Well, that’s their personal case. It might have been legal, the contribution itself, but the way the money was earned was illegal.

“So we have a solid reason to believe that some intelligence officers accompanied and guided these transactions. So we have an interest of questioning them. That can be a first step and we can also extend it. Options abound.”

McFaul, who served as US envoy to Russia during Barack Obama’s presidency, proudly claims to be Putin’s personal foe. But now he is apparently pretty spooked about the possibility that the Russian leader took a personal interest in him and spoke about him with US President Donald Trump in Helsinki.

Of course, Russia gave McFaul some reason to stand up and take notice, naming him as a person of interest in its probe against financier-turned-anti-Russia crusader Bill Browder. A businessman who ran a lucrative hedge fund in Russia, Browder became an avid critic of the Kremlin. He says his years of lobbying against Russia were motivated by the death of a friend in a Russian prison.

Moscow says he donned his human rights cape to insulate himself from prosecution in Russia for tax evasion and other white-collar crimes. “The Russian government is becoming crazier and crazier,” McFaul tweeted as he shared a report about the Russian statement.

Many tweets from McFaul’s latest barrage are dedicated to a possible secret deal between Trump and Putin, which would see him arrested and handed over to Russia.

The ex-ambassador is, in fact, not entirely detached from the businessman. In 2017 when Browder – a British citizen – was briefly denied a US visa due to an outstanding arrest warrant issued by Russia, he called on Trump and the State Department to “fix this.” He later called on Russia to be expelled from Interpol over the arrest of Browder in Spain.


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