Miami Fishing News: Reward Fishing Fleet

Miami Fishing News: Reward Fishing Fleet

The Reward Fishing Fleet has been providing visiting as well as local anglers with premier deep sea fishing experiences for over 50 years.

All of the captains grew up fishing in Miami and have over 100 years of local knowledge. Reward Fishing Fleet pride themselves in the ability to catch fish from a party boat that will keep all types of anglers happy.

Reward Fishing Fleet accomplishments speak for themselves. Small panfish for a fish fry, or big game fish that most sport fishing boats only dream about. Reward Fishing Fleet have landed blue marlin to 450 lbs., white marlin to 105, yellowfin Tuna to 100, hundreds of sailfish (140 last year), dolphin, kingfish, amberjack, snapper, and grouper.

The Reward Fishing Fleet is operated by Captain Wayne Conn. A Miami native who grew up on the waters of South Florida and started his fishing career working fishing boats in Miami’s famous charter fleets at Pier 5 and the Haulover.

Live Trading News Contributor John Heffernan with a Kingfish
Live Trading News Contributor John Heffernan with a Kingfish

An accomplished tournament angler and winner, as well as Captain, he has carried this skill over to party boat fishing. Captains Chris Neiderman and Ryan Ormston add their own personal touches to make the Reward crew one of the very best!

The area off Miami is covered by over 70 artificial reefs ranging from 250 foot ships to army tanks. Productive reefs exist from 40 feet of water to over 350 feet. With the prevailing current of the gulf stream, and deep water only one and a half miles offshore, Miami is a conduit for pelagic fish on the move.

With the addition of our artificial reefs over the past 15 years we reaped a bonus that no one counted on, sailfish! These large structures hold and concentrate bait fish such as goggle eye, speedos, bluerunner and pilchards. The result is spectacular sailfishing from October to June. It is not unheard of having boats release 15-20 sails on days that the wind and current are right. On any given day during those months we are able to produce a sail almost on demand.

It is easy to fish the Reward Fleet and enjoy angling in the blue waters of the Gulf Stream. You can catch fish you have dreamed of for a very low price that includes rod, reel, bait, and tackle. And for only a little more, you can fish a second half day on the same day!!!

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