Mexico’s President ‘AMOL’ Vows End “rapacious” Elite

Mexico’s President ‘AMOL’ Vows End “rapacious” Elite

Mexico’s President ‘AMOL’ Vows End “rapacious” Elite

Veteran leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador aka AMOL, 65 anni, took office as Mexican President Saturday, vowing to see off a “rapacious” elite in a country struggling with corruption, chronic poverty and gang violence on the doorstep of the United States.

AMOL took the oath of office in the lower house of Congress, pledging to bring about a “radical” rebirth of Mexico to overturn what he called a disastrous legacy of decades of “neo-liberal” governments.

“The government will no longer be a committee at the service of a rapacious minority,” said the new President. Nor would the government, he said, be a “simple facilitator of pillaging, as it has been.”

President Lopez Obrador later addressed a massive crowd of supporters in the heart of the capital, promising to put Mexico’s sizable indigenous minority 1st in his drive to root out inequality.

A major challenge facing the new leader is managing relations with Mexico’s Top trading partner, the United States, after repeated attacks by President Donald Trump against Mexico over illegal immigrants crossing the US border.

President Lopez Obrador says he is seeking to contain migration through a deal with President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to foster development in Central America and Mexico via the new trade pact signed in Argentina Friday.

He reiterated investments in the country of 130-M people would be safe, and pledged to respect central bank independence. Saying his government would make savings by stopping losses from the public purse into the “sewer of corruption,” he promised not to raise national debt or taxes.

He did promise higher wages for the poor and Zero tolerance for corruption in his administration.

President Lopez Obrador went on to say, that his government would ensure a divide between economic and political power in the country.

Making many references to “neo-liberal” policies in his speech, he vowed to abolish the “regime” he said it had created.

In another symbol of change, the doors of what had been the official Presidential residence, Los Pinos, were thrown open to public visitors Saturday. As Presient Lopez Obrador has said he will save money by living in more modest quarters.

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