Mexicans are Ready to Help to Build “Trump’s Wall”

Mexicans are Ready to Help to Build “Trump’s Wall”

Mexicans are Ready to Help to Build “Trump’s Wall”

A Mexican cement maker is ready to lend its services to US President Elect Donald Trump to build the Wall he wants to erect on the southern border of the United States to curb immigration.

“We can’t be choosy,” Enrique Escalante, CEO of Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua (GCC) said in an interview. “We are an important producer in that area and we have to respect our clients on both sides of the border.”

Donald Trump campaigned vowing to build a “big, beautiful, powerful” Wall across the 2,000 mile frontier in order to stop illegal immigrants from Mexico, which he accused of sending rapists and drug traffickers North.

His campaign promise was widely reviled in Mexico.

Parts of the border are already divided by high fences, and a huge part of the boundary runs along the Rio Grande river.

Based in Chihuahua, a large northern state bordering Texas and New Mexico, GCC is one of the biggest construction materials companies in Mexico. It generates around 70% of its sales in the United States, where it also has 3 plants.

Mr. Escalante said Trump’s plans to invest in energy and infrastructure in the United States augured well for the firm.

“For the business we’re in, Trump is a candidate that does favor the industry quite a bit,” Mr. Escalante said.

GCC, whose shares are trading at their highest levels since Y 2008, is 23% owned by Mexican multinational cement company Cemex, which at the end of September announced plans to sell its stake.

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