Mexican Government is Breaking Up Migrant Caravan

Mexican Government is Breaking Up Migrant Caravan

Mexican Government is Breaking Up Migrant Caravan

President Trump Tweeted, “It better be stopped”

Monday evening, the Mexican government started to break up a migrant caravan that was moving through southern Mexico.

Immigration officials were registering the travelers, and providing suggestions that some could get humanitarian visas, while others would have to exit Mexico

President Donald Trump sent a number of Tweets criticizing the caravan starting Sunday.

Most of the group is now in the town of Matias Romero Avendano in the state of Oaxaca. Caravan organizers, local officials, and other said that some of the group took a train to Veracruz, a neighboring state, but it is not if that group has dispersed.

Immigration officials were registering the Oaxaca group.

An official from Mexico’s National Institute of Migration said Mexico plans to disperse the caravan by Wednesday, but some people such as pregnant women or those with disabilities would get humanitarian visas.

The rest will be expected to exit Mexico within 10 days or apply for permission to stay for a month.

A statement from Mexico’s Interior Ministry said Monday that “under no circumstances does the government of Mexico promote irregular migration.” The statement said that the caravan has taken place each year since Y 2010, and that 400 people in the group have already been deported.

An organizer of the volunteer group that organized the caravan, said that migrants would keep moving, but in smaller groups according to a report Tuesday.

President Trump sent a Tweet Tuesday morning about the caravan, saying it “better be stopped.”

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