METAMORPHOSIS – Support The Latin American director Inspiring Many

METAMORPHOSIS – Support The Latin American director Inspiring Many

METAMORPHOSISSupport The Latin American director Inspiring Many.

Andres Irias left Honduras to pursue his dream in film making, he has directed short films like “Origin”, “Spellbound”“Another Day at New York Film Academy” and the upcoming “Luna Rossa”. Honduras is a third world country in which poverty encompasses over 60% of its population and its economy decreases by the minute. Through his films he wishes to inspire many other children from around the world to pursue their dreams in any field, because through hard work anything is possible.

Steven Fares  (Co- Producer), Is from a background of Accountants & Lawyers, he himself has a degree in Marketing & Financing. This is not his first collaboration with Psychotrope Productions. The writer, director and producer, had his last film “Before Midnight” selected into several festivals including the “Gasperilla Film Festival.”

Ashley Brown (Co- Producer, Supporting Actress): Ashley is New York based actor and a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and St. John’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Dramatic Arts, Television, and Film.New This is not her first collaboration with Psychotrope Productions. She has been involved in  “Origin”, she co-wrote and acted in “Luna Rossa “  and “High Bloods” which is currently in production. Other credits include “Open Loop Tour Bus Commercial”, “Besame la Piel Music Video” and “The Hacked Life” which will be in the Brooklyn College film festival May of 2018.

Together the three along side many others are working hard in making this film, its expected release date is in 2018. Metamorphosis is a Psychological Thriller/Suspense film.

Story Line: METAMORPHOSIS tells the story of Bryan, a Psychology collegiate who suffers from PTSD after surviving the car accident that killed his parents. One year later he meets Alana, a college student who could change his life for the better; until his dark secrets catch up to them both.

To anyone who is in need of some inspiration, with late nights working, independent studying, and a goal to achieve.. well watch these films, see the hard work that was put into them, the people that were involved aren’t the richest… yet. This film has been worked on for 3 years now, before Andres even went to the New York Film Academy. Now that he has been there for a year, worked on many short films, he is expanding, this film will be a feature film (full length). Lets all help out with the American dream and support everything Psychotrope Productions is trying to achieve.

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