Merkel an Embarrassment at G20

Merkel an Embarrassment at G20

Merkel an Embarrassment at G20

Merkel had a lot to say, but it was said on a back drop of chaos as clearly she is not in control of her own country, scuffles between protesters and police marked the end of the G20 summit in Hamburg which, for several days and nights, has been engulfed by extremely violent riots that shocked even the organizers of the series of mass demonstrations in the German city.

Piles of debris, burned-out barricades, smashed shops and shattered glass transformed Hamburg into a scene resembling a battlefield by Saturday.

So far, authorities said they have issued 23 arrest warrants. In addition, some 41 activists will remain in police custody for an extended period of time while 118 pople will be detained by authorities for shorter spells, DW reports, adding that an additional 44 detentions happened by Saturday afternoon.

Reuters meanwhile reports that 143 people were arrested and 122 taken into custody over the past several days.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the brutal violence which seen stores vandalized, cars torched and police lines attacked.

“I condemn in the strongest terms the extreme violence and unbridled brutality that police were repeatedly confronted with,” Merkel said following the G20 summit.

“There is no justification for plundering, arson and brutal attacks on the lives of police officers… anyone who acts in this way places himself outside our democratic community,” she said according to Reuters.

The Chancellor said she had consulted with Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble (CDU) to examine how, together with Hamburg authorities, the government can help compensate the victims of the violence, but as usual she will has done nothing to bring law and order to Germany.

Earlier, Erdogan sharply criticized Berlin for not allowing him to address Turks living in Germany. He thundered that Germany is “committing suicide” by not letting him to speak to his countrymen during the G20 summit and added that he would continue to regard Germany as a terrorist heaven until it surrenders alleged Fethullah Gulen supporters to Ankara.

Merkel, for whatever reason, praised Turkey’s contribution to resolving the refugee crisis.




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