Men Do Not Like to Talk About Their Health

Men Do Not Like to Talk About Their Health

Men Do Not Like to Talk About Their Health

It is well known that women go to the doctor more than do men, but a new survey finds that man are also reluctant to discuss their health concerns, especially with each other.

The survey, conducted by the Cleveland Clinic finds that when men get together, more than 50% say their health is not something they want to talk about, unless that is they want to brag about heroic sounding injuries or reveal they’ve survived a close-call, and survived.

But when it comes to other health concerns especially ED (erectile dysfunction) or urinary problems, such issues are rarely discussed. Instead, men are  more likely to discuss with male friends their views on current events, sports or their job than their health, the survey finds.

The findings come from a national telephone survey of 502 American men age 18 or older, which was undertaken as part of the Cleveland Clinic’s “MENtion” it campaign to encourage men to pay attention to their health.

“This survey illustrates the fact that men need to pay attention to their health and take steps today to talk about it, make an appointment and get the necessary screenings that could impact their lives,” says Dr. Eric Klein, Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute.

“With more healthcare resources and services available for men today than ever before, there really is no excuse for men not to talk about their health and take control of it,” he adds.

The surveys findings include the following:

  1. 40% of men do not get annual check-ups
  2. 19% admitted going to the doctor only to stop a loved one from nagging.
  3. 36% brag about hero injuries.
  4. 46% wait until they have had a close call to talk about it.
  5. 5 % of men discuss ED with their male friends
  6. 3% mention urinary tract issues.

Overall, men tend to turn to their spouse or significant other first to discuss a health issue (48%), and 22% do not discuss private topics with anyone.

Baby Boomers are especially private in this regard, with only 33% having more than 1 person they feel comfortable sharing such information with, compared to 47% of Millennials.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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