Meet Taylor Mejia Actress, Singer, Model

Meet Taylor Mejia Actress, Singer, Model

Taylor Mejia was born January 17, 1993 in Los Angeles, California.

It was evident from the age of 2 after winning her first beauty pageant, that she was destined to rise in the entertainment world with her unique personality and beauty.

As a little girl she would perform skits in the bathroom mirror and at 18 years old she was booked for her first television commercial as a featured driver for a local Hyundai dealership. She then added to her modeling portfolio by doing fashion runway shows in Seattle.

At the age of 21 she and her two sisters formed a Latin American girl group called β€œThe Mejia Sisters”.

As a trio, The Mejia Sisters created a contagious chemistry and released their debut single β€œStray” on iTunes and followed up with their first music video on VEVO for the single.






They then went on a 45 day tour in China performing two shows a night, keeping her entertainment dream alive and attracting the attention of a devoted online following.

They continued to create new music as a group and performed live throughout Los Angeles.

Taylor has barely scratched the surface of the entertainment world. With her radiant personality and acting talents, she continues to pursue her passion of acting and modeling and building her resume and honing her craft.

She is not only a natural entertainer, but she also brings an influential message about positivity and female empowerment to everything she does. Her time is now and this is just the beginning.

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