Meet America’s Dumbest Politician: Maxine Waters

Meet America’s Dumbest Politician: Maxine Waters

Moron of the Year so far 13-term Democrat from Los Angeles Maxine Waters, her stupidity is unmatched so far in 2017, shehas called for Trump’s impeachment several times now, however she has yet to accuse the president of breaking the law, her word of the month seems to be impeach but she has not learned the meaning of it yet, someone send her a dictionary.

In yet another rambling nonsensical attack today Waters said President Donald Trump will inevitably be impeached because of his alleged ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin who she claimed is “advancing in Korea.”

Yes, apparently in Waters mind, Putin is making moves on Korea, she did not specify North or South, but the message was clear, Putin has Korea in his sights.

Think that was stupid, you ain’t seen nothing yet:

She spewed forth the following gem:

“How can a president, who is acting in the manner that he’s acting, whether he’s talking about the travel ban, the way that he’s talking to Muslims, or whether he’s talking about his relationship to Putin, and the Kremlin, and knowing that they have hacked our D-triple-C, DNC, and knowing that he is responsible for supplying the bombs that killed innocent children and families in, um… um… Aleppo.” Waters didn’t know Aleppo from a hole in the ground, the mainstream media had to give her a prompt, seriously.

“Aleppo” was suggested to Waters by members of the press corps when she couldn’t remember where she alleged that the Russian president supplied bombs.

What they did not remind her of was that Obama started that war for no reason, then funded ISIS and Putin was the only person to stand up the the advance of ISIS.

How do you know you’re really stupid? When Nancy Pelosi has to fix your cock-up.

Pelosi quickly distanced herself from her colleague’s comments. “Many things the congresswoman said are grounds for displeasure and unease in the public about the performance of this president,” she said.

She explained that Trump has acted in a way that is “strategically incoherent, incompetent and that is reckless… that is not grounds for impeachment,” she stated.

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