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Dawson Church recently published a new book with the self-explanatory title, “Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality.”

“I was one of those people who was very focused on the effects of energy therapies in the physical body. I did the first triple-lined, randomized control trial showing how EFT affects cortisol levels. I’ve been very focused on immunoglobulins, brainwaves, hormones and all the things that we can measure in the body,” Dawson says.

“I have a friend at Harvard who’s a psychiatrist, who told me, ‘It’s the energy that’s making those molecules be the way they are.’ I was always a little skeptical about that. But with him and others, [such as] Dean Radin, Rollin McCraty … they all said, ‘Dawson, it’s the energy. There is really a direct chain of causation between our thoughts and things.’

But I thought, ‘When I look at all the links in that chain, I’m sure I’ll find a lot of broken links.’ I began to look at the studies, the primary research … There were no broken links … It’s just remarkable to me how our thoughts literally create things in our bodies and all around us.”

The Big Q: How do you get into a coherent state of flow?

The Big A: Lifelong meditators can do it effortlessly, showing that it’s a matter of training.

Through experimentation, Dawson developed a program he calls EcoMeditation that combines HeartMath’s quick coherence technique with tapping and mindfulness.

Dawson cites research showing that EFT can cause a 37% drop in cortisol in 1 week. And, when cortisol goes down, DHEA goes up, because they make the same 2 precursors. It also improves many beneficial enzymes.

For example, in 1 week, baseline immunoglobulin levels rose by 113%, basically more than doubling immune-functioning markers. It also decreases sympathetic nervous system activation.

“We know now, because we’ve looked at this in peak performers, athletes, business people, financial experts, in people in meditative monasteries and nunneries and people who are really focused on meditation in the long term.

We know that meditation has these effects, but how do you get there quickly? You can spend an hour with your eyes closed and not be meditating. Or you can spend two minutes and enter a deep state. How do you get there? I’m focused on that really intently now,”Dawson says.

Dawson defines meditation as the ability to sustain an alpha state for 15 seconds or more. EcoMeditation can get you into a coherent brain state in about 4 mins.

Dawson recommends doing your meditation 1st thing in the morning, and to complement it with EFT during the day whenever stress might come on.

“If you wake up and the 1st thing you turn your attention to is being in that alpha state, that dreamy state and meditating, then you capture all benefits of being in that alpha state … I see this as extending that sleep state out into your waking state,” he says.

“[When] you start your day that way, you condition synchronicity. You condition beta thinking … [R]esearchers find that people’s problem-solving ability goes up by 260 percent when they’re in that state. Their creativity doubles. Their productivity at work increases dramatically. You’re now a far more productive human being …

When you’re going through the day and [stress gets triggered] … that’s when you tap … Usually within two minutes, you will see your subjective units of distress scale go down to a low number, often a zero. Then go about your day. Now, you’re much calmer, and you’re able to proactively move through your day with this little technique to help yourself recover.
Recovery time is pretty fast. After a while, you develop a different and new homeostasis, where your irritability, your resentment levels, your level of guilt, shame, anger and blame, all of these negative emotions has to go way down.”

According to Dawson, doing this meditation every day, your baseline levels of cortisol and immunoglobulin will begin to improve. Certain feel-good hormones will also increase. Once you get used to feeling good, that then becomes your new normal. This has to do with the neuroplasticity of your brain.

Dawson explains: “Neuroplasticity is like the hardware in our brains — the channels that conduct information, the neurons and the synapses that carry the flow of energy of information in our brains. The ones you use the most get developed … But the speed of this is extraordinary.
Within one hour of repeated stimulation, where there was just one synapse, now there are two. That’s in one hour of repeat stimulation. If you stimulate that neural bundle for weeks, days, months and years, it grows much bigger. Eventually, the software of your consciousness literally creates the hardware of your brain.”

To learn more, I recommend picking up a copy of “Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality.”

In it, Dawson lists 30 lifestyle practices that can make a big difference in your physical and psychological health. You can also find more information including a free EFT mini-manual and Dawson’s published research on his website, DawsonChurch.com.

“I want to inspire people [to take action],” he says. “You will literally feel yourself changing when you [meditate every day]. That’s the biggest gift that you can give yourself. Release that stress. When you do that, your full human potential starts to shine. All those parts of yourself that have been stuck, all those limiting stories you start to let go of, then you can be.
The magnificence of you starts to come through. As you’re hooked up to your nonlocal mind in meditation, you get access to ideas, solutions and all kinds of knowledge and wisdom you don’t have when you’re stuck in the level of local mind.

Then suddenly, your life becomes easier. You’re living in synchrony not just with other people around you, but with the whole universe. That’s what I call a synchronous life …

Meditation is free, try it. You will feel the shifts inside of yourself. Do it as your gift for yourself for the New Year.”

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively, Meditate!

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