Medical Marijuana Update

Medical Marijuana Update

Medical Marijuana Update

There is a push in Congress to provide protections for veterans who want to use medical marijuana, and more.


Bipartisan Lawmaker Group Files Three Veterans’ Medical Marijuana Bills. A bipartisan group of legislators met last Wednesday announced plans to file a trio of bills aimed at making the Department of Veterans Affairs a more marijuana-friendly agency. The Department of Veterans Affairs Policy for Medicinal Cannabis Use Act of 2018 would clarify the already existing policy of protecting patients who discuss their marijuana history. The Department of Veterans Affairs Survey of Medicinal Cannabis Use Act of 2018 would conduct a nationwide survey of all veterans and VA healthcare providers regarding medicinal cannabis. And the Department of Veterans Affairs Medicinal Cannabis Education Act of 2018 would have the VA work with medical universities to further develop medicinal cannabis education programs for primary healthcare providers.


Connecticut Adds Chronic Neuropathic Pain to List of Qualifying Conditions. The General Assembly’s Regulations Review Committee has agreed that chronic neuropathic pain associated with degenerative spinal disorders is eligible for treatment with the drug. That makes it the 31st specific condition considered a qualifier for medical marijuana.

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By Phillip Smith

Paul Ebeling, Editor

Note: Consequences of Prohibition

CorruptionFinancial CorruptionGlamorization of CriminalityGovernment CorruptionCrime & ViolenceCivil ConflictDrug Trade Funding TerroristsIncreased Illegal Gun PrevalencePolice/Suspect AltercationsProperty CrimeTurf WarsDisorderDrug Trade in SchoolsOpen Air MarketsPolice-Community TensionsPolitical InstabilityEnvironmental HarmDeforestationMeth LabsFutile PursuitsBusts & SeizuresHarm IntensificationDiseaseIncreased Drug PotencyOverdosesPoisoned Drug SupplyPopularization of Worse Drugs

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