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Media’s Efforts to Impeach President Trump Exposed


Monday, Christopher Ruddy declared that the House impeachment probe against President Trump is a political “media effort to get the President without any evidence of a crime” that is backed by flawed polling and despite other surveys showing strong support for the President.

“This has been a plan and a strategy for the Democrats from the beginning,” He said in a TV interview. “It’s so unfortunate, because so much stuff could be done for the good of the country.

“They are blocking the progress that this president can deliver on.”

Mr. Ruddy cited his recent Newsmax blog that examined the faulty polling behind public sentiment toward impeachment.

There he also dissected how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), announced the probe without seeing the transcript of President Trump’s July telephone call with Ukrainian President Zelenskiy and whether he suggested an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

“What they decided to do without hearing from any witnesses, hearing the whistleblower complaint or seeing it, even seeing the transcript of the call, they announced an impeachment inquiry,” Mr. Ruddy said. “Because it was political.”

The Democrats cannot specifically cite any law that President Trump might have broken, nor will Speaker Pelosi call for a House vote to authorize a formal investigation.

“What is the actual crime?” Mr. Ruddy asked. “The President might have done something where he pressured Ukraine to investigate.

“He is the Chief law-enforcement officer in the nation.

“I did not necessarily agree that the Bidens needed to be investigated,” Mr. Ruddy continued. “I do not believe people need to be investigated until there’s evidence.

“But I also do not think that the president committed any crime by raising the subject, even if you might argue that it’s not really a good political move.

“It’s maybe not smart, in terms of the political implications it’s had for the President,” he added. “They have been rather negative.”

Democrats have girded their inquiry on accusations that President Trump abused his power, and Mr. Ruddy acknowledged that “it may very well be an abuse of power.

“But that should be handled by congressional oversight,” he told the host. “They should have public hearings, where the public reviews the matter.

“And, then, we come to a conclusion if the abuse was so serious that we need to do impeachment.”

We do not know what’s going to come out of these hearings,” he said. “They are obviously looking for other stuff.

“They are just totally convulsed with the idea of getting this President.

“It’s not really good,” Mr. Ruddy added. “So far, I have not seen anything positive that I like.”

Stay tuned…

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