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Media Surveys Deliberately Underplaying Trump Voters


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The MSM polls are deliberately underplaying Republican voters by as much as 9% to give the false impression that President Donald Trump is well behind in the race for the November election, Trump pollster John McLaughlin said Sunday.

Mr. McLaughlin explained that “The media is polling only adults. Not likely voters. If you poll likely voters, like Rasmussen did, where you use a model of actual voter turnout, Republicans, who vote over 90% for Trump, will be 33% of the poll. They were 33% in the exit polls in Y 2016. When you do only adults, there are not as many Republicans because any adult in the United States could even mean … non-citizens could be in that poll because they are randomly calling cell phones and landlines.”

Mr. McLaughlin emphasized that when the polls do that “you just cut Donald Trump‘s vote total by at least 9 points. So, of course you are saying we are getting blown out,” adding that “It is the same thing that happened 4 years ago. 4 years ago all these polls that said that Donald Trump could not win.”

Mr. McLaughlin said that reality is that “We are headed for another close election, because the Republicans and Trump voters are coming out. The Republicans voters are enthusiastic. The Trump voters are enthusiastic. The battle is really over the independents, the middle. … We have to win the independents in the battleground states. The media right now on a lot of these polls, they are sandbagging us.”

I was called last week, and when I told the pollster I was a Republican she hung up.

Have a healthy week, Keep the Faith!

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