Only the Media and “Nutters” think Donald Trump’s Speech was Dark

Only the Media and “Nutters” think Donald Trump’s Speech was Dark

Only the Media and “Nutters” think Donald Trump’s Speech was Dark

Donald Trump did not make a “dark” speech at the Republican National Convention, what he did do is focus on all the problems that we as a nation face today.

The media thinks it is dark because US President Barack Hussein Obama tells the world that, “for most Americans the birds are chirping and the Sun is out” as he cracked jokes about the Islamic terrorism that happen in Munchen Friday.

“If they consider that dark, it’s only dark because the national media refuses to in fact go out and tell these groups of people the failures of government in their lives, even though they promised them everything but the moon.

“That’s why they probably think that what Donald Trump did last night was dark,” Michael Reagan said said in a radio interview Friday.

In the coming months and during his debates with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump will convince The People that he can solve the problems he focused on in his speech at the GOP convention Thursday night. If he does that well he will be elected the 45th President of the United States, some say by a landslide.

Meanwhile, progressive Democrats are scoffing at Hillary’s pick for VP.

Bernie Sanders supporters and other liberal Democrats are voicing their frustration with Hillary Clinton’s decision to choose Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) as her running mate.

Norman Solomon, “coordinator of a group billing itself as the Bernie Delegates Network” described Sen. Kaine as “a loyal servant of oligarchy.”

“If Clinton has reached out to Bernie supporters, it appears that she has done so to stick triangulating thumbs in their eyes,” Mr. Solomon said.

Winnie Wong, an Occupy Wall Street activist who founded an organization called People for Bernie, dismissed the selection as “unsurprising and predictable. She is after money.”

“Team Clinton did the math on this horse race and they are betting on Tim Kaine to court those white male moderate/Indy voters who won’t vote for her. I doubt they can be moved,” Ms. Wong said.

Trumpeting for Trump

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