Media ‘Meltdown’ Absurd Over President Trump’s Helsinki Remarks

Media ‘Meltdown’ Absurd Over President Trump’s Helsinki Remarks

Media ‘Meltdown’ Absurd Over President Trump’s Helsinki Remarks

  • President Donald Trump averted a “2nd Cold War”
  • Some people inside The Beltway who want it, they believe it is necessary for Russia to be the enemy

Tuesday, conservative commentator Pat Buchanan,79 anni, said that President Donald Trump averted the “2nd Cold War” and slammed as “absurd” the MSM’s meltdown over comments at the press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin

“He clearly does not want a 2nd Cold War,” Mr. Buchanan who served in The Nixon and Reagan Administrations said.

“Yet, there are people inside this Beltway who want it and believe it is necessary,” he said. “That is the historic point of the whole 7 days.

“But as for what happened at the press conference,” Mr. Buchanan continued, “clearly the President misspoke, and he corrected himself.

“I’ve never seen such a hostile media.

“It is real hysteria, and many of these individuals are supposed to be not commentators but objective, neutral journalists.”

Mr. Buchanan said President Trump’s slip-up was being incorrectly compared to “Kristallnacht and Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and other historical events, and it is just absurd.

“It’s hard for me to see how any of these journalists go back to being objective correspondents in the White House press corps after this performance.

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