Media Hiding The Clinton’s Russia Connections

Media Hiding The Clinton’s Russia Connections

Media Hiding The Clinton’s Russia Connections

Tuesday, Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President said, that we must wonder how many donations were made by Russian connections to Hillary R. Clinton, basing his comments on a leaked e-Mail from her campaign concerning a story that was killed on the matter.

“[There were] connections between all this Russian-connected money, $145-M generally, $500,000 specifically to Bill Clinton from a Russian-connected firm that was pushing Uranium One,” Mr. Fitton said in a TV interview

“Evidently, someone in the media not only connected it to Uranium One, but saw other Russian interests being advanced by Mrs. Clinton, such as this really hard-core opposition to any new sanctions against Russia over its alleged murder of a human rights-related lawyer. ”

The international mining company, whose headquarters are in Canada, had US mines that produced about 11% of the country’s Uranium production in Y 2014.

The leaked Clinton e-Mail, sent by a Clinton spokesperson, said that “with the help of the research team, we killed a Bloomberg story trying to link Hillary Rodham Clinton to a $500,000 speech that Bill Clinton gave in Moscow.”

This is a series of examples of how Mrs. Clinton and former Secretary of State John Kerry were trying to end the Magnitsky Act, a set of sanctions stemming from the death of Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who was killed after testifying against Russian interests in a fraud case.

The bill’s name came up over the last month following revelations about Donald Trump Jr.’s meetings with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, who represents clients fighting back against the sanctions.

One must wonder how many other donations were made by Russian connection entities we do not know about.

You may recall The Clinton Foundation had to fix its reports to expose or highlight contributions that it had promise to publicize, but it had not publicized.

Mr. Fitton continued he could not “overemphasize the nature” of the conflict of interest with Mr.s Clinton, “her husband getting $500,ooo directly from the Russians while she was Secretary of State.”

“We were astonished when we saw that the State Department, we got the document, approved this ethics process that allowed this speech,” said Mr. Fitton. “Why would the Clinton State Department allow Hillary Clinton’s husband to get a half a million dollars from the Russian-connected entity?

“I can’t imagine if the spouse of Rex Tillerson or the spouse of any other cabinet official got a half a million dollars from a foreign government while that official was in office.”

And that official, he continued, was Clinton, who was “advocating on behalf of Russian interests not only on Uranium One, which saw the Russians get 20% of our Uranium operations, but then pushed hard for the Russians against the sanctions.”

President Barack Hussein Obama had the final say in the matter, and approved it.

The Big Q: How much did he get, and where is it?

Where is the media outrage?

Stay tuned…

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