Media Companies Irked By Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) Partnership Policies

Media Companies Irked By Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) Partnership Policies

Media Companies Irked By Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) Partnership Policies


Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) efforts to build a library of high-end original videos are getting a shrug from some outlets that are reportedly sick of the way the company has treated them.

“Media companies are like serfs working Facebook’s land,” the Chief Executive of the industry trade group Digital Content Next, told Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg reportedly was a Key partner in the social media platform’s projects since Y 2014, including when Facebook began focusing on hosting live video.

But Facebook, in pitching to publishers to provide a regular stream of TV-quality original videos content that will allow Facebook to compete with YouTube retains control of all the ad sales, while publishers get only to share some of the revenue for the ads.

Facebook is about Facebook

“For them, these are experiments, but for the media companies looking to partner with ­significant commitments, it gets to be a bit of whiplash,” one media analyst said recently

News executives are saying publicly that Facebook’s journalism initiatives have so far done little to improve their relationships with the company, and it remains less collaborative, and more focused on its own interests than Apple News, Snapchat Discover, or Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.

“If you come to us and say, ‘We want to help,’ I have got lots of ideas,” the WS-J’s chief marketing officer, said.

But by the time Facebook offers to help with something, she said it already has a plan and is not interested in further discussion.

The NY-T’s recently pulled out of Facebook’s Instant Articles, as did The Guardian, because those articles are hosted on Facebook directly instead of on the publishers’ sites, they have not yielded many subscriptions, according to the data.

Facebook’s latest video drive will require even more resources, and for now it is being said that the NY-T’s is willing to experiment with them.

The Chief Executive of online video machine Group Nine Media says while he is not satisfied by his deals with Facebook, he is optimistic they will improve.

Either way, he said, “whining and complaining that Facebook isn’t making you money is probably not going to be the most successful approach to building a partnership with Facebook where they make you lots of money.”

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