Media ‘Act Responsibly & Ethically’ When Addressing Our First Lady

Media ‘Act Responsibly & Ethically’ When Addressing Our First Lady

Media ‘Act Responsibly & Ethically’ When Addressing Our First Lady

Friday, the lawyer for our First Lady Melania Trump, who won a reported $2.9-M from London’s Daily Mail, which she said falsely implied she’d been a “hooker” says media organizations must take care not to “hurt or destroy a person’s reputation.”

“Journalists, editors and publishers should take notice of the various recent lawsuits, jury verdicts and settlements, and act responsibly and ethically,” powerhouse libel attorney Charles Harder of Los Angeles said Friday.

“News organizations that do not lie about people and harm their reputations have nothing to worry about,” Attorney Harder added.

“Attorneys are required to follow a set of legal standards. Doctors are required to do the same. Journalists, who write stories that can hurt or destroy a person’s reputation, should do the same.”

Mr. Harder represented President Donald Trump’s wife in her $300-M lawsuit against the splashy British publication and its Mail Online website after they referred to her once working as an “elite escort” in New York. She later revised the complaint to say the Mail falsely implied she was a “hooker.”

The UK “rag” paid nearly $3-M for its slander of our First Lady.

Have a Happy Easter Weekend.

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