McQueen’s ‘Flings’ Destroyed His Marriage to Neile

McQueen’s ‘Flings’ Destroyed His Marriage to Neile

Hollywood legend Steve McQueen’s marriage was destroyed by “free love,” said ex-wife Neile Adams in a candid interview recently.

The 2 met in Y 1956 and after a whirlwind romance were married months later. The start of their relationship was marked with love and passion then things soured between them as Mr. McQueen’s Hollywood career skyrocketed in the 1960’s. Ms. Adams blames the free-spirited sexual revolution of the time for their tumultuous marriage.

“When the flower children came along everything changed,” she said, according. “Everything changed. He was almost 40 and there was suddenly free sex, and free love, and free this and free everything.”

She noted that everybody was having free love and free sex and “If he could get free love out there, why would he work hard for it at home?”

Steve McQueen’s infidelity is no secret to the public.

It has been reported that at 1 point during his marriage to Ms.Adams, he had multiple affairs with up to 2 women a day. 

She recalled the 1st affair her then-husband had was with actress Lita Milan in Y 1957 during the filming of “Never Love a Stranger”.

“Steve told me after the picture that he had had a fling with her,” Ms. Adams said. “She would be the 1st in a long line of ‘flings’ that would plague us, me throughout our married life.”

It was McQueen’s affair with “The Getaway” co-star Ali MacGraw that finally forced his divorce to Adams in Y 1972. The following year he married Ms. MacGraw, the marriage lasted until Y 1978 and 2 years later McQueen met and married his 3rd wife, Barbara Minty, with whom he remained until his death in Y 1980.

I knew Steve and Ali back then…

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