McLaren, An all-Electric HyperSupercar Coming Soon?

McLaren, An all-Electric HyperSupercar Coming Soon?

McLaren, An all-Electric HyperSupercar Coming Soon?

The Big Q: Will the P1 successor be all electric?

McLaren supercars come in 3 classes: Ultimate Series (P1, P1 GTR), Super Series (650S, 675LT) and Sports Series (570S, 570GT).

The Ultimate Series may be sold out, but the Woking, UK-based firm has revealed that an all-electric HyperSupercar could become the P1’s successor.

McLaren has announced that 50% of its lineup will run with hybrid power by Y 2022, but the P1’s potential successor may run on electricity alone.

Details are few, but its development is apparently part of an internal project, called Track 22. Track 22 is a list of internal goals expected to be achieved by Y 2022.

The sports and racing car maker has not yet made an official announcement on this project, and it likely will not for a while. The company’s EV research is going to help it decide whether or not an all-electric Ultimate Series car would be viable.

A McLaren representative said recently that any forthcoming “Macca” would obviously need to sound and feel like a McLaren, no matter what is powering it.

Having grown every year since Y 2013, McLaren has some money to toss around, and it plans on investing $1.45-B into research and development by Y 2022, all reaped from profits.

The company also planning 15 new models or derivatives before Y 2022. There is no SUV in the group, as McLaren says there has been no demand or desire from its customers for a high-riding 4×4 vehical.

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