Massive Winter Storm to Sweep Through Midwest, Northeast

Massive Winter Storm to Sweep Through Midwest, Northeast

A massive Winter storm system is forecast to sweep across the Midwest into New England, bringing up to 2 feet snow accumulations and high winds.

The National Weather Service (NWS) Friday had Winter storm warnings and watches in effect from the Dakotas, across the Great Lakes states and into New England.

Forecasters say the storm is expected to begin Friday afternoon in the Chicago area, bringing as many as 9 inches (23 centimeters) of snow before intensifying and reaching New York.

The weather service says conditions in New England “could approach blizzard criteria.” Snow totals of 16 inches to 17 inches (40-43 centimeters) are forecast in parts of Massachusetts and Maine. Wind gusts in the Chicago area are expected to reach 30 mph to 35 mph (49-56 kph)

Bitterly cold air is expected in the storm’s aftermath.

“If you do not have to be on the roads, we recommend staying in and staying safe,” an Automobile Association of America (AAA) spokeswoman said in a phone interview Saturday.

Amtrak canceled train service from Chicago to Boston, Washington, DC, and New York on Saturday and canceled and modified several routes that originate and end on the East Coast on Sunday.

Stay tuned…

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