Marijuana is Illegal “everywhere” in America

Marijuana is Illegal “everywhere” in America

Marijuana is Illegal “everywhere” in America

Earlier this year, Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) threatened to hold up Key Justice Department nominees until US Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed his position on state marijuana laws.

Senator Gardner is sticking to his word, and  is receiving blow-back from US AG Jeff Sessions, who calls the confirmation delay “frustrating.”

“Too often, we’ve seen bad judgments, even politics enter into the work that we do,” AG Sessions said during a speech earlier this week at a National Sheriffs’ Association event.

“We’re trying to confirm a number of important component heads at the Department of Justice.  It’s just getting to be frustrating, I’ve gotta tell you. Our nominee to the National Security Division, the anti-terrorism division was approved unanimously in the committee. But because right now one senator’s concerns over unrelated issues like reversing federal law against marijuana, we cannot even get a vote.”

Although AG Sessions did not call Senator Gardner out by name, the direction of his frustration was fully understood.

Senator Gardener, who voted to confirm Mr. Sessions last year based on a promise that marijuana enforcement would not be a priority, says he feels duped over the reversal of a Hussein Obama-era memo that has allowed states to experiment with marijuana legalization.

Senator Gardner said that the policy shift “directly contradicts” the promise made by Mr. Sessions on the issue prior to his confirmation as US Attorney General.

The 2 men met in January to hash out their differences, and “there was no breakthrough,” according to Senator Gardner. But, he is not letting up until an agreement is made.

“I have not changed my decision to hold these nominations until we have a commitment that lives up to what I believe was given to me prior to the confirmation,” Senator Gardner added.

 AG Sessions, who prior to his confirmation told Congress to change the national marijuana laws if enforcement was was no longer needed, says he, “Cannot and will not pretend that a duly enacted law of this country, like the federal ban on marijuana does not exist.”

“Marijuana is illegal in the United States, even in Colorado, California, and everywhere else in America,” he added.

Senator Gardner has not always been a pro-marijuana reform advocate.

In fact, he was opposed to marijuana legalization in Colorado before the passing of Amendment 64. But now he feels it is his duty to protect the voice of the voters. There is some talk about Congressional action. Senator Gardner says he is reaching for “a long-term legislative solution.”

Note: there still is not enough support Capitol Hill to bring this issue to a head in Y 2018.

Stay tuned

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