Marco Rubio will Lose Florida to Steven Machat

Marco Rubio will Lose Florida to Steven Machat

Marco Rubio will Lose Florida to Steven Machat

Marco Rubio had vowed not to seek reelection, changed his mind last week as the Florida race becomes increasingly crucial for Republicans seeking to maintain their control of the Senate.

But as Donald Trump has shown, people are tired of the Republican establishment, Trump included, “It’s almost — in some ways, like, I’m running against two parties,” Trump told conservative talk radio host Mike Gallagher on Thursday.

Steven Machat is running as an Independent, for the U.S. Senate in Florida against Marco Rubio. Steven Machat’s goal is to open up a new paradigm. One where the government works for the people. Where American’s rebuild America.

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“I am a social activist…. I believe we are a community of equals, brothers and sisters, we are all from the same source. The idea for this candidacy is to build a new social contract, Team America, for all the people not just some of the people.” Steven Machat said.

Machat is getting plenty of support as the Republican Party remains in turmoil and Marco Rubio fails to deliver the policies Floridians are really looking for, Machat is very likely to upset Rubio in November.

Steven Machat, the independent choice for United States Senate, says that at the founding of our great nation, Thomas Jefferson wrote and spoke about the importance of a social contract between a government and its people. Now, more than ever, in this age of information, we need to reiterate and redefine that social contract once again to revive the American dream.

After recessions over that past few decades, it was the middle-class consumer that would help propel our economic growth through consumer spending. As real wages and disposable consumer have dramatically decreased, our economic recoveries have become increasingly anemic. In the not too distant past, it was possible to raise a family, access healthcare and educate your children on a lower-middle-class wage. Sadly, this is no longer true.

To change this, we need to make the American dream a reality once again. To succeed in achieving this, we need to rededicate our social contract with democracy and capitalism. Our redefined social contract must help control government and support our communities to make sure that bureaucrats can’t make decisions that are bottom line driven while ignoring the health consequences of poisoning drinking water with lead. Machat knows we should not waste taxpayer dollars while remembering that government is not a business.

In a nation that spends twice as much as every other nation on healthcare and education while delivering poor results, Machat knows we can and must do better.

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