Many Insolent College Grads Do Not Want to Work

Many Insolent College Grads Do Not Want to Work

Many Insolent College Grads Do Not Want to Work

America has a real problem, in that there are lots college students that do not want to work, but do want to go to the best colleges money can buy and parents are encouraging them.

The Big Q: What happened to the day students went to the college they could afford, and worked to pay for all of it with assist from parents if and when needed?

The problem now lies with the parents and the kids, the parents are encouraging this insolent and “it’s all about me behavior” and that is why we live in a dog eat dog world today.

The Big Q2: What made the baby boomers great and all those that came to the US decades ago?

The Big A 1&2: Everyone worked hard, no handouts, today’s generations wants the best of the best, but they do not want to pay for it.

When the going gets tough, many female college students decide to take the easy way out and have no qualms about selling themselves to sugar daddies to pay for their educations.

This sounds like such a sad story, until you realize these spoiled brats want the best of the best for doing nothing.

I worked, all of my friends worked, our children worked, we helped as necessary, to pay for college and grad schools, and to a person they are all successful, productive members of society.

The sooner we have a Key reversal of this destructive pattern and get back to basics, it will be painful for many, but it the way back to an Age of Reason.

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