Man Makes $20m on a Cryptocurrency and it’s Just the Beginning

Man Makes $20m on a Cryptocurrency and it’s Just the Beginning

A retired banking veteran, together with his associates, rank among the fortunate few who saw their collective portfolio increased to over US $20 million on Infireum (Buy Now on UDAX), a figure that many can only dream about and it does not look like it will stop growing.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been getting more and more attention from the media and everyone who is paying attention.

This comes as no surprise considering the fact that fundamentals and new developments of this relatively new technology with countless use cases improved by leaps and bounds at an unprecedented speed.

There is no lack of stories of cryptocurrency investors hitting jackpot in a short time and being able to identify a 10-bagger, 100-bagger or 1,000-bagger early on from literally thousands of crypto projects is key.

It is also fair to note that many have also found success by paying notice to those who are better informed, with better insights and related experience.

Nicholas Ng, a retired banking veteran, together with his associates, ranked among the fortunate few who saw their collective portfolio increased to over US $20 million, a figure that many can only dream about.

When probed, Ng credited bulk of his crypto investment success to having invested in Infireum (Buy Now on UDAX) at an early stage after identifying its enormous growth and adoption potential.

“What got my attention was how different Infireum was from the countless crypto projects.

Many of these projects were just pipe-dreams started by people with no real-world business experience who merely used technical white papers to raise funds.

It was clear from the start that the team behind Infireum (Buy Now on UDAX) has strong business experience that can bring a good idea to great heights,” said Ng.

The cryptocurrency, Infireum has seen some phenomenal growth in terms of value, development and a strong use case.

Infireum, last traded at US$0.24 as of 13th March 2019 and the main reason for its increase could be their rapid development and their adoption drive that saw them begin by partnering an upcoming Asian e-commerce platform, V-More.

Any project no matter how clever or useful is pretty much dead without actual users.

This important partnership between Infireum and V-More could see a potential first wave onboarding and adoption of Infireum for value transfers by 500,000 V-More users.

Real-world adoption even at a small scale has been proven the biggest hurdle for any cryptocurrency project and 500,000 potential users at an early stage are almost unheard of.

“This is a strong start for Infireum and I see a lot more growth potential on the horizon,” as quoted by Ng.

About Nicholas Ng, retired banking veteran

Mr. Nicholas Ng has over 25 years of experience in the banking and finance industry. As a veteran in the financial industry, he has concluded a wide range of financial transactions, including IPOs, privatizations, and mergers and acquisitions, on behalf of corporations throughout Asia-Pacific, supported by a network of global strategic and institutional investors.

His professional career path spans across reputable banks and corporations, including as Managing Director of Citicorp Investment Bank, Citibank Singapore, Regional Asia Head Investment Banking for Rabobank International and CEO of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Securities Singapore. He also sat on the board of directors of many companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and Australia.

(Buy Now on UDAX)

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